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Tell me about Travel Healthcare.

Healthcare professionals who choose travel nursing often do so because they are looking for life-changing experiences. A typical assignment, which lasts 13 weeks, gives nurses and traveling healthcare providers the optimal amount of time to enjoy and become familiar with their temporary home before moving onto their next adventure. For added flexibility, MNA offers healthcare workers the option of extending their assignments.

Some travelers use their assignments as a way to reconnect with family and friends when they are spread out around the country. This way, the nurse can spend 13 weeks with a sibling or relative and then spend 13 weeks near other friends across the country. Other travelers seek the opposite, looking for a chance to hit the reset button and venture away from their hometowns.

Perhaps the most common reasons for traveling that we hear from healthcare professionals, it that they are looking to figure out where to put down new roots or looking to travel the country.

Whatever the reason, the healthcare professionals that come to work for MNA Healthcare are happy that they made the choice.

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