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Why MNA Healthcare?

For companies interested in recruiting traveling nurses and healthcare staff, the options may seem daunting at first. A quick Google search may reveal many companies that promise talented staff and the ability to place workers remotely. But after narrowing down the field based on key criteria including an exclusive focus in the healthcare sector, those companies quickly come to realize that finding a solution that checks all the boxes is not so easy.

MNA Healthcare checks all those key boxes and more.

The first box is in the name: Healthcare. We only recruit health-related positions, such as nurses and allied staff. The payoff is clear. Our candidates are better because we know what hospitals and medical centers are looking for.

The other key is speed. Our process, from first contact with candidates to their first day on the job, is seamless and efficient, resulting in a quick turnaround. Our Credentialing Specialists play an important role by being familiar with each state’s licensing and certification requirements, deftly guiding the candidates through the process.

Of course, when a candidate’s first day arrives, what a supervisor wants to know is whether their new hire is prepared. MNA’s dedicated Placement Specialists make sure that the answer is always “yes”. Relying on their familiarity with industry best practices and the information provided by the client, our Placement Specialists help candidates prepare for their new jobs so they can meet every expectation.

MNA Healthcare offers a competitive benefit program to it’s nurses

Travel Reimbursement – Multiple Health Insurance Plans – Referral Bonuses – Rewards Program