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Dream Destination

MNA has endeavored to create a business model that combines concierge-like attention to our travelers with efficient, machine-like processes.

The result is an ecosystem that benefits everyone.

MNA is proud to offer a robust travel nursing program that sends healthcare professionals on temporary work assignments around the country based on their preferences. More than just jobs, these nurses and allied health workers are looking for professional and personal growth, and we help them achieve it.

Our deep network of healthcare facilities means that we can place those professionals across a range of specializations anywhere in the country. Our Placement Specialists coordinate closely with every job seeker to match them with a position that is the best fit for their training, level of experience, and interests. Once a suitable placement is identified, the Credentialing Team ensures that all paperwork is in order in advance of the intended start date.

Our traveling professionals often find their experiences so rewarding that once their assignment is completed, they return to us for a new one.

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