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Becoming a traveling healthcare professional is an exciting change, and it is natural to have questions. Below we have compiled the most common questions we hear and our responses. For additional questions call us at (844) 812-0776 to speak with a dedicated MNA Placement Specialist.

Can I extend a placement?
Yes! Some facilities hate to see you go so they will try to keep you and extend your contracts for as long as the job is beneficial to you both.
What is the process for me getting paid?
You’re considered an employee of MNA Healthcare on all temporary and travel assignments, and you’ll receive your paycheck weekly via direct deposit into the bank account of your choice. We will send you a W-2 at the beginning of the next calendar year.
What should I expect when I get to the facility?
Your first day or days will consist of orientation, where you will be introduced to your duties and schedule. The amount of time spent in orientation will vary depending on the position, but in general, expect to start working your shifts quickly as the needs are usually time sensitive.
Does MNA reimburse travel expenses to my new assignment?
You may have an allowance per assignment for travel to the facility from your permanent address. At MNA Healthcare, we build the right pay package for your needs. If you are going on a travel assignment, we can incorporate a travel stipend into your pay package depending on your distance from the facility.
Do I have to sign an annual contract?
There are no annual contracts with our healthcare professionals. You decide when and where to travel!
Can I bring my family and/or pets when I travel?
Many people travel with family and pets. It’s a great opportunity to explore the country together. If you are traveling with pets, you may incur additional housing fees, such as pet and cleaning deposits. We’ll work with you to make sure we secure housing that accommodates any traveling companion.
How do I find housing on assignment?
If you choose MNA Housing, we will assist in your search for housing, including setting up any necessary utilities. You may also choose our subsidy option, where you select your preferred housing accommodations, and we provide a stipend in your weekly paycheck.
Can you help me with getting licensed?
Some states are members of the Nurse Licensure Compact, so your current license may be a sufficient credential. Other states offer a temporary license that is valid for up to one year. The process of getting a temporary license varies with each state. Regardless of what you need, and in which state you are looking to work, we will not assist you in obtaining your temporary license and pay any license fees and associated costs.
How do I get started with MNA?
Getting started at MNA Healthcare is easy! All candidates start by completing the QuickApp on our website or by calling to speak with a Placement Specialist. Once we receive your application, we’ll contact you to confirm your information and begin searching for career opportunities that fit your needs, destination, and experience.
What happens after a suitable opportunity has been found?

If at any time a facility or travel assignment doesn’t feel like a good fit, simply let your Placement Specialist know why so we can improve our search for next time. Our systems will also take your information as well as your skills checklist and will automatically notify you when jobs you may be interested in are available.

What are the requirements to work with MNA Healthcare?
In general, the healthcare facilities we work with require our caregivers to have a minimum of 1-2 years’ recent experience in the specialty in which they wish to work. We also require professional references, as well as documentation of licenses or certifications, including school transcripts.